Courses and workshops to accelerate your speaking skills

This fun and informal 3-or 6-week course includes storytelling, crafting your message, stage presence and more. Nothing beats the confidence to speak loud and clear. Suitable for all ages and skills level.

One-to-one speech coaching. Writing and coaching packages to help you deliver your message, whether it be for a wedding or for a business event.

Increase productivity and service excellence among staff and management.

Applying The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by G. Chapman and P. White

Supercharge Your Speaking Skills

This fun and informal 6 week course is custom styled to the needs of the group  and can include crafting your message, speech composition, Q & A prowess, stage presence, facing the microphone and more. It's great for anybody to attend - confidence boost guaranteed in this supportive environment.

This course is a great start to building strong public speaking skills in a short period of time. It suits anyone looking to calm their public speaking nerves. It’s perfect for people wanting presence and articulation as they re-enter the job market; those needing to make a speech for a personal or business event; or businesses aiming to get a clear verbal message out, whether in person or on video.

In the course we cover two aspects of speaking: ‘off the cuff’ and prepared speeches. In-class theory includes mind-mapping, writing for the listener, stage skills, presenting on camera and using the microphone. The course covers a broad range of knowledge all related to public speaking. Theory coupled with practice gives people the confidence to communicate powerfully and effectively.

Rotorua is our next Supercharged Speaker course location!

I’ve just taken Melanie’s Supercharge Your Speaking Skills course and recommend it to everyone even if you don’t think of yourself as needing a course in giving public presentations.

Melanie is an amazing teacher, creating such a supportive, playful environment that everyone (everyone!) got comfortable getting up and giving little speeches in front of the group (10 people), telling stories, jokes, etc. Her feedback is constructive and re-assuring and everyone got a confidence boost from this course.

And as a side bonus, the course revealed everyone taking it as being interesting people. I don’t think any of us taking the course expected to come away quite as enriched as we have. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Melanie!!!

RHM, Bay of Islands

One to one Speech Coaching

Take a deep breath and relax. Loud and Clear communication offers writing and coaching packages to help you speak with ease and wow your audience. We will work together with you to find the right tone for your speech – the core message, supporting material woven into stories and examples, the call to action – and coach you to deliver it expertly.

From business events to wedding speeches, writing and delivering the perfect speech can be enjoyable and rewarding. 

Business Speaking: 

If it's speaking to large audiences or even for video marketing, we work together to bring your content and messaging into a cohesive fashion for any type of delivery. We'll bring the best bits of your business story out and carve it into clear and concise packages. From content to delivery, whether your aim is to inform, educate, entertain or persuade, one to one coaching will help you get it right.

"I engaged Melanie at Loud and Clear Communication to help me define the three areas of my business into clear and concise, relatable story packages. With the ultimate goal of speaking to large audiences about my products, and the short term goal of copywriting for my video marketing, I needed help fast.

Melanie is a heat seeking missile when it comes to a core message. I talked; she wrote and reigned me in. In no time at all we had snackable content - the best of my business stories in usable form, both for online and in-person delivery. She is clear, she is intuitive, and she is affirming."

Kaye van der Straten, The Originator, K4 Cultured Foods

Wedding Speeches: 

If you only give one speech in your life, and that speech is for your best friend at his wedding, you will want to make it amazing. Speeches are powerful things, and a speech made at one of life’s big events, before people you know, and about people you love, is doubly charged. Quite frankly, a great speech is the best gift you can give.

Appreciation at Work

Are you speaking a different language than your employees? What if your best efforts to show your employees appreciation aren’t recognised?

Many believe that saying thanks is a universal way of showing appreciation, but it is proven that people give and receive appreciation in one of 5 different ways. Thanking a person in a way they value ensures hitting the mark every time. This simple knowledge, actively practiced among staff and managers, can positively affect an entire workplace right up to customer relations.

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected”

- Author Unknown

'Appreciation at Work'

'Appreciation at Work'  increases productivity and service excellence among staff and management. It is known internationally, based on the book by Dr Gary Chapman and Dr Paul White "The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace" and is a highly regarded contributor to healthy workplaces.

The programme can be adjusted to suit needs - from a workshop style to one hour per week for four weeks.

Benefits of Appreciation at Work (AAW) training:

  • fluid teams with a high degree of willingness
  • higher job satisfaction across the board
  • self-satisfied staff, applying the learning is fun
  • value and appreciation as a core company culture
  • learn your top languages of appreciation and that of your colleagues
  • tips on how to speak appreciation 'dialects'
  • carry-on effect to home and community relationships 

“As a business that employs people power rather than technology to get its work done, Orangewood needs to be able to communicate our appreciation across the business in the way that is understood by each individual. The AAW course gave our senior and front line people a whole new way to look at appreciating others, and helped us to understand that what works for us, won’t necessarily work for the next person. Now we are on the journey of understanding appreciation, we are using the skills learnt on the AAW course, and helping our people reach their potential.”

Carl Muller – General Manager, Orangewood, Kerikeri


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