Mastering the Customer Connection

How do your staff and management present themselves when speaking about and on behalf of the company? Is communication loud and clear?

Confident, articulate and responsive staff make happier and more productive workplaces.

"It's always risky bringing in outside providers but Melanie proved invaluable from the first training she conducted. She understood our team's needs and company culture, and provided me with feedback after every session. Our team is more cohesive, their communication skills have improved, and they had fun learning."

Christine Bensemann, Human Resources, Zespri

Speech Coaching for Teams

Step ahead of your competition. Enable your employees to recognise and develop efficient speaking skills, improve communication within your business and communicate powerfully to your audiences. 

Front line staff are the face of your business and exceptional in-person customer connections will be your point of difference. Speech coaching cuts down on mistakes due to miscommunication, gives people the confidence to speak with brevity and clarity, builds active listening skills and results in feelings of empowerment and pride in a job well done. Win-win.

Presentation training brings positive results for employees and management at all levels - customer service teams, crew, tourism operators, serving staff.

  • Prepare your team to work a trade show and effectively communicate your distinct offer 
  • Empower your new season crew to deliver tourism safety protocol that’s memorable and fresh
  • Equip front-of-house staff with gold star service excellence that comes from top communication skills.

Courses and workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the group.

FullersGreatSights new season crew training, Venue: Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Bay of Islands

"We've hired Melanie for our pre-season training year after year. She covers exactly what our crew need to know in terms of excellent customer service and presentation skills, and she delivers with humour, energy and passion every year. We get great feedback on her training."

Rachael Ford, Crew Manager

One-to-one Speech Coaching

Take a deep breath and relax. Loud and Clear communication offers writing and coaching packages to help you speak with ease and wow your audience. We will work together to find the right tone for your speech – the core message, supporting material woven into stories and examples, the call to action – and coach you to deliver it expertly.

From wedding speeches to business events, writing and delivering the perfect speech can be enjoyable and rewarding. 

Speak up for your business: 

If it's speaking to large audiences or even for video marketing, we work together to bring your content and messaging into a cohesive fashion for any type of delivery. We'll bring the best bits of your business story out and carve it into clear and concise packages. From content to delivery, whether your aim is to inform, educate, entertain or persuade, personalised coaching will help you get it right.

Wedding Speeches: 

If you only give one speech in your life and that speech is for your best friend at his wedding you will want to make it amazing. Speeches are powerful things and a speech made at one of life’s big events before people you know, and about people you love, is doubly charged. A great speech is the best gift you can give.

Melanie is like a heat seeking missile

"I engaged Melanie at Loud and Clear Communication to help me define the three areas of my business into clear and concise, relatable story packages. With the ultimate goal of speaking to large audiences about my products, and the short term goal of copywriting for my video marketing, I needed help fast.

Melanie is a heat seeking missile when it comes to a core message. I talked; she wrote and reigned me in. In no time at all we had snackable content - the best of my business stories in usable form, both for online and in-person delivery. She is clear, she is intuitive, and she is affirming."
Kaye van der Straten, The Originator, K4 Cultured Foods

Courses and Workshops

This fun and informal 6-week course includes storytelling, crafting your message, stage presence and more. Nothing beats the confidence to speak loud and clear. It's great for anybody to attend!

An empowered speaking workshop for women. Who are you and what is your story? These workshops focus on identifying and articulating some of life's big questions. In the secure environment of a small group, we feel free to speak our truth.

One-to-one speech coaching. Writing and coaching packages to help you deliver your message, whether it be for a wedding or for a business event.

Increase productivity and service excellence among staff and management. 

Applying The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by G. Chapman and P. White.


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