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Wedding Day Love Letters

My very first wedding ceremony was written on holiday in Rarotonga, in a small, sticky office with the time pressure of exorbitantly priced wifi. I wanted the coolest (pun intended) way to express my couple's incredible relationship. And, I couldn't let go the idea of them 'speaking their love' through letters. They were living the love; I'd be the wordsmith to record it for them.

How do wedding day love letters work?

At your ceremony, I let your guests know that the best way to understand your connection, hopes and dreams for the future, and insider secrets, is to hear it in your words, through me. 

I write wedding day love letters based on a questionnaire each of you complete. At your ceremony, I read the letters aloud on your behalf. Always there is laughter, sometimes tears. The letters are a snapshot in time and a gift to keep forever, to open and reread on every anniversary.

Wedding day love letters are included in your ceremony price, but, in case you have another celebrant, they can be ordered separately here.  Love letters can be used as wedding vows or to honour a special relationship -  daughter to father, groom to his best man - with lasting words.  

Bring in Melanie as your wedding celebrant and have a vibrant burst of happiness unite you in marriage!

A big wedding and audience may not be for everyone - Melanie is here to unite you both on your elopement.

Melanie will honour the life and times of someone you care about with a Celebration of Life service. 


Weddings - joyful, promising, new beginnings, a fresh start or an affirmation

No matter how long a couple has been together, their commitment to marriage marks a significant change in status. Our society still honours marriage as the highest partnership two people can have.

A wedding is a couple’s chance to be the directors of their own special event, possibly the biggest party they will ever throw and one that features them as the stars! The wedding ceremony itself is central to the whole day; the pivotal element around which the entire celebration depends. Undoubtedly, there are as many options for a ceremony as there are lovers in the world, but it is the one time when love and commitment are declared publicly, with reverence and appreciation, gratitude and generosity.

I like to get to know a couple as I prepare their wedding ceremony. Capturing the essence of their relationship through their answers to a couple's questionnaire helps me craft the most meaningful ceremony - unique, authentic, and sparkling with humour and joy. Families are joined, resolutions are made, and hearts are connected. See my signature offer at Love Letter Express

“Our wedding would not have been the same without the Melanie special sauce you brought to the ceremony. It was perfect. Thank you for taking such care with our special day. You more than delivered on my hoped-for 'beautiful, informal-yet-sophisticated, non-religious' wedding and the love letters brought just the right amount of humour and personality. I could not have asked for more.”

Joanna, Eagles Nest, October 2023


“One couple in love. One photographer. One celebrant. One passing hiker.”

Big weddings are not for everyone.

And for some, their love - and the declaration of their commitment by marriage - is an intensely private affair.

Remember that every marriage in NZ requires the presence of two witnesses. Your photographer can witness your vows. Over the years we have asked the helicopter pilot, the skipper of the charter boat and my German friend, who also translated the ceremony, to be a witness.

With your creativity leading the way you can choose to have your ceremony in an exquisite location, something to suit your personalities - from a quiet cove on one of the Bay’s many islands to the top of the Duke’s Nose, Whangaroa Harbour.

Feel the Love

Dear Melanie,

Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful in every single way. The love letters were a beautiful touch and summed us up perfectly. It was so magical and personal to us which meant the world. We got so many compliments about the ceremony and the words spoken. We want to thank you so so much for all of your effort and we will be recommending you to everyone. You are very talented and passionate about the service you offer so keep up the magic!

 Mike & Mandy


Hi Melanie, 

We just want to say thank you so much for making our wedding so special! You were just so perfect for us and so incredibly talented at what you do. 

We couldn't stop raving about how happy we were after you left! So thank you for the magic & joy you gave us! Plus making it all so easy.

Sita & Luuk 

Melanie you are awesome!!
Couldn’t have asked for anyone better….the way you put all your words together for our wedding made us realise we had the absolute best celebrant out there. We could both tell from the day we met you that you were the one for us! You are so gentle and so expressive with an awesome personality. 

Aaron & Sherilee

Celebration of Life

The celebration of one’s entire life – after they depart – is the most mystical, profound, and intense gathering of all.

Whereas the words 'funeral service' have a sad connotation, ‘Celebration of Life Service’ sounds light and uplifting. And that is what we aim for.

As we honour the friend or family member who has left the physical, we think about our own life, how we’ve spent our time, and how we will go forward. It is a time for everyone to renew their passion for living, loving, and leaving an impression on the world.

I will follow your service sheet or wish list to conduct a ‘Celebration of Life’.  You may want to have readings, songs, or have guests speak their farewell. A photographic slide show is a popular addition to a ceremony.

Your service can be as long or as short as you wish. It will be reverent, joyful, light hearted, peaceful and blessed.  I will be there to support speakers, or take the lead if they cannot.

I consider it the highest privilege to stand alongside people at the closing of the circle of life, to be fully present in that sacred time and space, and to share my talent for the spoken word.

Thanks again for the beautiful service, so many people have complimented you to me, they thought you must have been a friend of ours for years because of the way you spoke which shows what a great job you did to honour mum. You have such a great way with words and deliver them so eloquently. I will never hesitate to recommend you.

– Celebration of life for  Emma, Kaurihohore Church, Whanagarei

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