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Love - elopements

Go your own way

The traditional definition of an elopement was when a couple ran off secretly to get married. To that I say, why mess with tradition? 

Some of the most magical weddings I have officiated have been elopements, and for reasons so delightful I am listing them here for you. 

  • A special, intimate location that takes some work to get to, be it deep in the bush, the highest point on an island, a remote beach or a glow-worm cave
  • A belief that your vows are private and sacred, and for your ears only (legally you must have two witnesses)
  • Myriad cost saving reasons including venue hire, bridal party, catering, flowers, photography 

And lastly,

  • FOFF Fear of Family Feud. It's true! Some couples have insisted that since their families could not agree on party protocol, there wouldn't be one

Run away and get married? I applaud you.


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